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Sexton & Schnoll has the specialized tax planning expertise that you can only get from a Certified Tax Planner. Our unique, advanced training empowers us to find the little-known deductions, hidden loopholes, and proven strategies that bring our clients a boatload of tax savings. We design personalized tax plans to dramatically reduce taxes and preserve income for highly successful business owners, doctors, dentists, professional athletes and high net worth families.

Effective Tax Reduction Strategies

As a trusted tax advisor, we ensure all of our clients avoid attention from the IRS while paying the lowest amount of tax required by state and federal guidelines. Our methods are legal, ethical, and highly effective. Call us today at 352-336-1001 to schedule your free consultation. As a thank you for scheduling your consultation, we'll provide our free book, Writeoffs to the Rescue, which is sold in hard cover on Amazon*.

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In the Spotlight

We recently published an advertorial in a local magazine about Marc Schnoll, CPA, MBA, MACC.

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Marc Schnoll

Marc Schnoll, CPA, MBA, MACC

In 2004, Marc Schnoll purchased an existing CPA practice and created Sexton & Schnoll, CPAs. Earlier in his career, he worked in public accounting for five years and in the private sector for another eight years. Having worked in small and growing businesses and now owning one, Marc is an expert in small business finances.

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, and he also earned Master’s Degrees in both business administration and accounting from the University of Florida. He is a licensed CPA in Florida and Wisconsin. Marc recently became a Certified Tax Planner. This advanced training enables him to specialize in strategies to help his clients to legally pay less tax.

Beyond knowing how to achieve the best results under the current rules, it is also an opportunity for clients to take control of how much you pay in taxes. As a certified tax planner, Marc can more effectively teach his clients what they need to know to control your financial future.

Margaret Macy

Margaret Macy

Margaret serves as the Office Manager at Sexton & Schnoll. Prior to her 2012 arrival here, Margaret worked in the multi-family property management industry for 28 years. She handled 800-unit rental properties in Maryland and then 500-unit properties here in Gainesville. Her experience in managing the operational and financial aspects of properties as well as her attention to detail and high level of organization makes her an essential part of the Sexton & Schnoll team.

Candice Woods

Candice Woods, Enrolled Agent

Candice Woods serves as the Senior Accountant at Sexton & Schnoll, handling tax return review, IRS correspondence, tax research and financial reporting. In 2005, she graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science in business administration, majoring in accounting. She joined Sexton & Schnoll in 2006.

In 2013, Candice became an Enrolled Agent (EA), earning the highest credential awarded by the IRS and allowing her to represent taxpayers before the IRS.